Weird Stuff

Stories I’ve written from the weirder corners of history.

The Man Who Told the Internet He’d Come from the Future I want to believe John Titor’s time travel tale, but it’s full of holes.

A Chart That Explains How Long Ago Star Wars Actually Took Place The Original Trilogy took place during the Revolutionary War?

What really happened during the Philadelphia Experiment? No need for a sequel.

The Time Mormons Baptized Adolf Hitler and Vlad the Impaler The afterlife just got interesting.

The Weird but True History of Sin Eaters Literal scapegoats living in 19th Century Scotland.

Opal Mining: A Damn Good Way to Get Yourself Killed Men and women risking their lives across the Australian Outback.

Every President’s Underground Lair: The Raven Rock Mountain Complex Not your run-of-the-mill Pennsylvania home.

The 55 States of America: 5 places that could become U.S. States in your lifetime A how-to guide for making complete strangers extremely angry.

The Jerks Who Bombed the Parthenon The 17th Century battle plans that led to the destruction of one of Greece’s prized possessions.

I’m a jovial guy, but I get pulled into the macabre from time to time. Back when io9 did Daily 10s, I often touched on some of the more brutal aspects of life and death. Follow the links below to the full article at io9.

The Most Dangerous Chemicals in the World An All-Star team of death.

10 Fun Ways to Euthanize Yourself Don’t do any of them.

If You are Elderly and Poor, Prison is Better than a Retirement Home This one got my parents a bit angry. MSN liked it though.

The Uncomfortably Common Practice of Medicinal Cannibalism Eating the flesh of mummies to cure a variety of maladies.

Anthropodermic Bibliopegy, or The Truth About Books Bound In Human Skin The most limited of editions.

Weirdest Ways That Ancient Rulers Died There’s a nugget of truth behind the death of Viserys Targaryen.

Does flesh-eating bacteria really make a meal out of you? Necrotizing fasciitis…hmm.

Science Experiments That Looked Like the End of the World Where fear mongering and new technology meet.

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